Criteria for Occupancy at Arrowhead Research Park

The Arrowhead Park offers an environment conducive to creativity and technology-based innovation complementing the student-centered learning, collaborative research and community focused public service mission of New Mexico State University (NMSU). Criteria for tenant partners at the Arrowhead Park include, but are not limited to:

  • Collaborating with faculty in pursuit of sponsored research opportunities or co-developing intellectual assets.
  • Providing employment opportunities for students, including part-time, internships or full-time recent graduates.
  • Sharing laboratory or other equipment
  • Licensing patents for commercializing university intellectual property.

 Essentially a prospective tenant partner must be able to answer two specific questions:

  • Is your company engaged with the academic, research or public service activities of NMSU?
  • Does your company have an existing relationship with NMSU or intend to have one?

 In order to assure that the Park is developed and occupied in a manner consistent with the objectives set forth in the NMSU master plan adopted by the Regents in November 2006, prospective tenants will be evaluated against the following criteria:

  • Positive consideration will be given to private or public entities with a logical tie to the university. Employment of students, appropriate use of the library and other scientific equipment and laboratories, the sharing of common areas of expertise, and mutual sharing of research and instructional resources are examples of the desired relationships.
  • Operations located in the Park will be substantially research, technology or educationally oriented consistent with the teaching, research or economic development mission of the university. Only professional or administrative activities that are an integral part of, or directly related to, the research or technological operations of tenants will be permitted.
  • Product manufacture or assembly will be limited to prototype development or to the assembly of products which are clearly related to the on-site research and development activities of the tenant. No tenant predominantly engaged in manufacturing or assembly will be permitted to occupy space in the Arrowhead Park.
  • The tenant will be engaged in operations which are nuisance free and clean with respect to smoke, noise, noxious gases, vibrations, odors and radiation.
  • The physical facility of the tenant will be attractive and comply with the architectural requirements consistent with the NMSU master plan.